Alzira, Valencia

Casella Nature Park

The park has a favourable microclimate, with mild temperatures and a high degree of humidity. Covering 765.64 hectareas, this place boasts numerous natural, scenic, cultural and archaeological treasures. For example, in La Murta, the ruins of the Jerónimos Monastery of Nuestra Señora de la Murta along with other interesting buildings such as the hermitages of Mont Calvari and Santa Marta, the Font de la Murta or the aqueduct. Also noteworthy are the Bridge of Philip II and the bridge of Els Oms, the oil mill, the stately Casona or the rustic Casa Nueva de la Murta. On the other hand, in the Casella area there are numerous natural springs (Garroter, Teula, Pla de Barber, La Regalada, Bono and Font Nova), an old Casa Forestal, an observatory popularly known as L'Ouet, as well as caves, shelters and chasms.

Alzira, Valencia

Forests Caves Hermitages Ponds Springs Private gardens Medieval Monasteries / Convents Mountains Rocky landscape Natural Park Historical heritage Bridges Romanesque Renaissance
FEATURES: Recreational and bar area, semi-captive deer reserve, car park, trees, patio, gravelled vehicle access. Natural water springs. Forest house, forest observatory, lime kilns, marble quarry. Caves, rock shelters and chasms.
AMBIENCE: Open space, forest.
ACCESS: In the main streets of Alzira there are signs that lead us to the place, through rural roads. From the limits of the urban area, there are about 11 km to La Casella.
SCHEDULE: To be arranged.
STORAGE: Possible at the bar.
PARKING: There is a large parking area next to the recreational area, and also in the Casella, in front of the restaurant, although of smaller size.
NOISE: Next to a shooting ground.
PROPERTY: Alzira Town Council.


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Casella Nature Park

The park has a favourable microclimate, with mild temperatures and a high degree of humidity. Covering 765.64...

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