Manises, Valencia

José Gimeno Martínez Factory Museum

Building located in the medieval quarter Obradors, where the first ceramic workshops were installed in the 14th century. 

This medieval building houses a traditional ceramics factory on the ground floor, still in operation, and on the first floor 9 exhibition rooms with tiled floors, walls and ceilings. It has an entrance to a courtyard in which there are plants and fruit trees (mulberry tree, lemon tree, etc.), with a water well, an oak stone staircase and step riser tiles.

The doors and windows overlooking this courtyard are decorated with baroque tiles and have wrought iron grilles. Inside the ground floor are the production facilities: the old potter's lathes, ceramic (gas) ovens and an area for glazing and decoration of the tiles and pieces.

The first floor is distributed in rooms with tiles in floors, walls and ceilings. In these rooms there are Valencian ceramic objects from the 19th century, showcases, antique furniture, forge lamps, etc. There are also large pointed windows and balconies with wrought iron railings.  

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Calle del Huerto, 1, 46940
Manises, Valencia
Vicente Gimeno
Baroque Manor Houses Traditional factory Medieval Workshops / artist studios Antique stores Historical Industrial Zone Museums
Machinery, open interiors, decorated ceilings, stairs, tiled floors, basement.
First floor: Walls covered with 18th century tiles, 19th century Valencian ceramic objects, ceramic coffered ceilings, showcases, antique furniture, wrought iron lamps, large pointed windows.
On the ground floor: Ceramic production facilities: potter's lathes and all kinds of tools related to this work. Space for the decoration of tiles and ceramic objects.
EXTERIOR FEATURES: Balconies, patio, wooden fences, entrance with fence, windows. Large patio with plants, façade decorated with baroque tiles, sundial, windows with grilles, staircase and step riser made of Valencian tiles, well, fence with grilles, wooden gate.
ACCESS: There are no restrictions of access, the location is accessible by various routes, the easiest one is taking the V-30.
PARKING: There is a parking area just 200 meters away.
NOISE: There is hardly any noise.
PROPERTY: Private.


José Gimeno Martínez Factory Museum

Building located in the medieval quarter Obradors, where the first ceramic workshops were installed in the...

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