Buñol, Valencia

San Rafael Music Conservatory

The San Rafael Music Conservatory is a modernist-style villa from the beginning of the 20th century. It has three floors and incorporates a tower decorated with balustrade and pinnacles. The whole body rests on masonry walls that incorporate a double staircase with balusters. Inside, the decoration focuses on motifs of floral wreaths, friezes and false sgraffiti of eighteenth-century inspiration and a modernist floor. The various interior openings feature baroque-inspired moldings.
Buñol, Valencia

Art Decó
Music conservatories Cottages
INTERIOR FEATURES: Basement, decorated ceilings, wooden panels, staircase, tiled floors, encaustic cement tile floor, grand piano, auditorium.
EXTERIOR FEATURES: Balconies, paving stones, patio, pine garden, railing, baroque inspired windows.
ATMOSPHERE: Bohemian, modernist, peculiar, musical.
ACCESS: We can arrive, either by the old national road or by Av. Blasco Ibáñez.
PARKING: Right in front of the access door, there is the Renfe station, and some annexed lots that are used as parking for buses on the day of Tomatina.
NOISES: During school hours, music lessons from 16 different specialties are taught at the center.


Concert Hall

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San Rafael Music Conservatory

The San Rafael Music Conservatory is a modernist-style villa from the beginning of the 20th century. It has three...

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