Gandia, Valencia

Bayren Castle

The castle has an area of approximately 9 hectares. It’s now in ruins. The wall facing the sea is the only part of the building that has been restored. From this point there is a wide panoramic view of Gandia Beach and the Mediterranean Sea. It also offers an excellent view of the coastline from Cullera to Mount Montgó.

Gandia, Valencia
Óscar Olivares
X - XI
Castles Historical heritage Walled city Medieval Arab Mountains
INTERIOR FEATURES: Arches, basement, beams.
EXTERIOR FEATURES: Arches, bridges, cornices, walls, lookout, fruit trees, portico, turret.
AMBIENCE: Bright, open.
ACCESS: The lower part of the castle is easily accessible by rural road, but the ascent to the upper platform is through a path which would be more difficult for a crew.
RESTRICTIONS: The access path from the base to the platform.
SCHEDULE: Available any day and time, if requested in advance.
STORAGE: Available in the upper platform, outdoors.
PARKING: Ground floor.
NOISE: Near a main road and the train tracks, but it’s of moderate intensity.
PROPERTY: Gandía Town Council.


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Bayren Castle

The castle has an area of approximately 9 hectares. It’s now in ruins. The wall facing the sea is the only...