Bocairent, Valencia


Medieval quarter

A historical-artistic complex, it has a peculiar layout of winding streets, in Arab style, with ups and downs, stairs, squares, dead ends ... Fountains and flower pots dot the route, which can lead to any of the three hermitages of the old town, Sant Joan, Virgen de Agosto and Virgen de los desamparados.

Bocairent, Valencia
Pilar Esteve
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Medieval quarter

A historical-artistic complex, it has a peculiar layout of winding streets, in Arab style, with ups and downs,...

The Arched Ice Cave (Agres)

Situated between the summits of the Contador and the Circular hills, beside the Ice Cave Room (Cava de la...

Bridge behind the villa

It is the oldest bridge in Bocairent which served as access to the town. It consists of a semicircular arch on a...

Sierra Mariola Natural Park

The Sierra de Mariola was declared as Natural Park on January 8, 2002. With an extension of 16,000 hectares, it stands...



San Jaime Chapel

Chapel surrounded by pine forest and a recreational area. It is a single vaulted Gothic nave.

Ermita Santo Cristo

It consists of three buildings: the hostel that was a former convent, the house of the chaplain and the church of...

Sant Bárbara Chapel

Attached to a manor style house, it is formed by a single nave with a porch. Its main door forms a semicircular...

Sant Joan Chapel

Ancient Arab mosque, dates from the XIII century and was the first church that was built in the Villa. In its...

Chapel of the Mare de Déu dels Desamparats

Although the exact date of its construction is unknown, there is an inscription indicating that it was reformed in...


Caves of Colomer

Interpretation Center of Les Covetes del Moros and space of divulgation on the set of cave-windows of the beginning...

Bocairent Monastery

From the mid-sixteenth century, it is an old underground convent of cloistered nuns, which was excavated in the rock...

Bocairent Church

This church was originally made in Gothic style and later adapted to the baroque tastes of the time. It contains...


Unique in its kind for being totally excavated in the rock, from the stands to the barriers, bull pens and corral...

San Blas Cave

It is located in the northern part of the medieval quarter. It was used as a snow deposit, like many others found in...

Covetes dels Moros

These are a group of cave-windows, or man-made caves with holes in the shape of windows, which were carved into the...