Sueca, Valencia

Old people's Home

From local architect Bonaventura Ferrando Castells, this building stands out for its combination of the caravista tile and the masonry stone, as well as all the wrought-iron railings with vegetal motifs. The ensemble consists of a rectangular floor plan with five naves, a chimney in the center and a chapel. One of its main features is the "Round Hall" (octagonal).

The neo-Mudejar-style chapel with a Latin cross plan with a transept and a cannon roof in the central nave, a star-shaped dome and terceletes to the presbytery. It also has three choirs supported by large wooden beams with supports in the form of dragons engraved on timber. Polychrome stained glass in the chapel. The main entrance presents the features of a Gothic church with towers, pointed arches and Mudejar arches. The building is characterized by the ornamental expressiveness of the tiles.

CURRENT USE: Popularly known as the Asylum of the Old people, it is intended for the care and residence of the homeless elderly.

Sueca, Valencia
Noelia Lledó
Manor Houses Modernist Private gardens Churches Monasteries / Convents Mudéjar Historical heritage
INTERIOR FEATURES: Arches, atrium, beams, terrace / porch, fireplace, galleries, decorated ceilings, scale. Chapel. Hospital.
EXTERIOR FEATURES: Arches, balconies, chimneys, cornices, patio, entrance for cars, garages, gardens, gates, entrance with fence, railing, statues / sculptures, trees, tower, windows. Other: Pointed arches, quadrangular arches, semicircular arches, horseshoe arches, pointed horseshoe arches, three-lobed arches and lobed arches. A mix of arcs of different styles. Ten courtyards in the whole, some interior and others around the building. In the main entrance we find two towers with bells. With gargoyles in the entrance.
OWNER: Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly.


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