Carcaixent, Valencia

Ribera Warehouse

The Ribera Warehouse is a modernist building used as a warehouse in the orange industry. Its construction dates back to 1903. It is an original eclectic work with modernist decorative elements, such as bricks, tiles and slabs. Its façade overlooks three streets since its plant adopts the curious shape of an L, with an exterior patio closed by a gate. The type of construction is based on the basilica model, with a large central nave and less elevated side naves that allow overhead lighting inside. Inside there is a structure of arches supported by cast iron columns.
Carcaixent, Valencia
Vicent Ibáñez
Warehouses Traditional factory Interiors of buildings Modernist Industrial units Industrial landscape Historical Industrial Zone
INTERIOR CHARACTERISTICS: Arches, beams, open interiors.
EXTERIOR CHARACTERISTICS: Columns, cornices, entrance with gate, smoked glass, skylight.
ATMOSPHERE: Spacious, majestic, building with great height, modernism, arcades.
ACCESS: Access from the street without restrictions.
RESTRICTIONS ACCESS: Scarce availability from October to February.
PARKING: Several nearby spaces available.
NOISES: Traffic noise. Located next to the commuter train station.
PROPERTY: City of Carcaixent.


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